From Frayser to the Farm at Natchez Trace

It's a long way from Frayser to the Farm at Natchez Trace!

It's a long way from Frayser to the Farm at Natchez Trace!

Snow was rescued from an area of Memphis called Frayser. According to both Donna and Wikipedia it is not a particularly healthy place to live. Wikipedia says the neighborhood is now one of the most economically depressed and highest crime-rated areas of Memphis. It faces environmental problems because of industrial waste runoff and contamination at or near the sites of now abandoned factories, which has made some land in Frayser virtually uninhabitable without cleanup.

Snow is not the only Frayser resident to eventually wind their way to Nashville. The community is home of multi-award winning songwriter Gary Harrison. Among his many hit songs is “Wrong Side of Memphis,” a number one record for Trisha Yearwood. It is an autobiographical song about leaving Frayser for Nashville. Maybe Wrong Side of Memphis will be Snow’s theme song for 2008…

but in 2009 things are slowly turning around for Miss Snow. She escaped from Frayser about two and a half months ago, and today she made some new friends in Franklin, Tennessee at an amazing place called The Farm at Natchez Trace. We can’t possibly call The Farm a boarding kennel, but it is a place where doggies stay when their owners have to go to DC for wildlife meetings. Boy did she have fun – I’ve never seen her smile or wag her tail so much as I did today and this was only our evaluation visit. She got some homemade doggie biscuits, played with Toby, and met Vickie, Cogie, Diana, Vonna, Caylee and many other folks and pups. She can’t wait to go back for a longer visit so she can make more friends and go for a walk along the river on a sunny afternoon. Sorry for anyone’s name we forgot and see you again soon!

Snow and Sunshine = Happiness

Snow and Sunshine = Happiness


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