Our Anniversary + A Valentine’s Day Wish

Snow and Agent Orange share the Spotlight

On February 9 2009, almost exactly a year ago, Snowy arrived at Sound Emporium, Nashville, Tennessee and two heretofore separate life journey’s were merged.  Looking back a year later almost everything about life is different…

In less than a year Snowy  transformed herself from a street fighting Memphis ghetto dog to an AKC Canine Good Citizen – earning her Certificate in Nashville under the supervision of Dog Trainer to the Stars, Jon Stolzer, in December.  As for Julie, well she learned to bloom where she was planted – maybe that’s kind of like a form of  Good Citizenship for girls?  We’re still working that out….

But along with the good news life has thrown us some curve balls as well just to keep us on our toes. We found out that Snowy, despite being on heart worm medicine for the past year, has tested positive for heart worms.  Because of this she’ll have to undergo a long and dangerous treatment for heart worms which entails her being almost totally confined for two months.  She’s not going to like this crimp in her style one little bit…but hopefully this too will pass.

The biggest life lesson Julie has learned so far in the past year together is this…there is one thing Snowy knows deep in her DNA and that is that some things actually are worth fighting for – your life, your freedom, your home, and the things and people that you love are among those…Happy Valentine’s Day 2010 from us to you and may we all find love that’s worth fighting for this year…



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3 responses to “Our Anniversary + A Valentine’s Day Wish

  1. Christie Bolender

    Snowy has alot to fight for….her calling, her Julie, changing perspective about her breed. I, and many like me who have met and instantly adored her are in her corner. Luckily, she has YOU, the person who will do all that is required to help her beat the situation currently on her agenda.
    To know her is to love and respect her.
    Give her a hug from her Aunt Christie with knowledge of specific prayers being said in her behalf.

  2. Karen Garfield & Baylee

    Julie and Snowy have been so wonderful to get to know. We are grateful that they are in our lives and especially thankful for Julie and how sweet she is to her animals. ( and human friends).

  3. Dear Snowy:
    The Campers of Chaos wish you a speedy recovery. Laney just finished her heartworm treatment (1st week of March) and is doing splendidly. When our fabulous vets said, “Keep her calm for 4-6 weeks,” they further said, “Good luck with that,” and smiled. Keeping a terrier of any sort calm is like keeping a healthy puppy from playing. Despite our efforts to keep her calm, we still have found her in a game of chase when her backyard activity was supposed to be pottying. I was the one about to have a heart attack, while she seemed unphased after running rampant. If there’s anything CC3 can do, please let us know.
    All good things,

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