Pit Bull Courage

Just prior to beginning her treatment Snowy made an emergency cup cake delivery in the convertible to some less fortunate homeless Pitties

Sometimes bad things happen to really good dogs. Snowy is living proof. Despite all she’s been through we have another hurdle ahead of us that will no doubt test both of us but that I hope will also make us stronger and smarter.  Despite being on a Heart Worm preventative Snowy has contracted Heart Worm.  We don’t understand why yet but Julie is about as dogged as Snowy and she plans on getting to the bottom of this scientific mystery and then publishing the results.

Today is Day One of a two month treatment. Snowy got a shot containing arsenic in the back this morning. She is scared and in pain. She even crawled into the shower with Julie this morning and sat under the water just to be close to her as if that provided some relief from her pain.  One thing we already know – Pit Bull courage is legendary.   This too shall pass and there is no doubt Snowy will handle this next challenge with her trademark sense of humor, grace and courage.  We both know that hidden inside Crises lay Opportunities and we’re both sniffing around to see what treasures we can discover…..



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2 responses to “Pit Bull Courage

  1. Christie Bolender

    Dear Julie and Snowy,
    You have no idea how many times in the past few weeks I have thought of you and hoped for a magnificent conclusion to this heart break. I was hoping the treatment was over and found 100% successful by now. Have been buried in tax season, but reminded that we saw you and Snowy a year ago this week for a vivid memory still lingering in my heart. Please keep me posted.
    There is much to catch up on, but right now all focus on your brave girl!!! Try to be as brave as she is….
    Love! and all the hope in the world.

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