About Julie, Snow & Donna

The Adventures of a Pitty Princess who hails from Memphis, was saved by a Saint Named Donna, and who came to live in Nashville with Julie

Julie & Snow @ Flipside, Nashville, Tennessee

Julie & Snow @ Flipside, Nashville, Tennessee

Hello world!

February 9, 2009

Hi – my name is Julie and I am the official blogger for a Pit Bull named Snowflake. I am merely the conduit for her thoughts, feelings and experiences. She would Blog herself if only she had the time in her exciting new life, or an opposable thumb!

Snow has had a sad start to an 18 month life. We only know about her experiences from December of 2008 when Donna rescued her – what happened to her to leave her in the condition she was in we can only guess.

Please see this Video Montage which Donna created to chronicle Snow’s sad puppyhood in Memphis. As the video shows Donna has worked a miracle in healing this little Snow Angel. The photos are graphic but the healing is miraculous. Snow can teach us all a lot about the capacity for love and forgiveness.

Here is Snow’s story in pictures:

About Julie: I am Snow’s new companion. Donna asked me to write something about myself and Donna is a hard woman to say no to, so here goes:

I am a poet, a yogini and a Conservation Biologist. I started on this path of Conservation Biology later in life. I was inspired to go back to school at age 38, had the nerve to apply to Yale with no prior college science or math classes, and they were crazy enough to admit me. The reintroduction of wolves inspired me to do this and I studied wolves and their behavior in captivity and in the wild. I later worked on African endangered species issues and came to specialize in trying to find creative solutions to help people and wildlife around the world. My dogs have always been influential in my life. I learned so much from my two female huskies and they set me on this life path in so many ways. I can’t wait to find out why Snow has come into my life and to see what paths we will travel together!

About Snow: Snow is a female Pit Bull who in the 18 months since she arrived on Planet Earth has had the following happen: She had her ears cut almost completely off – Donna calls them ‘warrior ears’ and this is done on fighting dogs to make them look fearsome and to prevent dogs from losing too much blood while fighting (if they go into shock they cannot fight), she had puppies who most probably were born dead or froze or starved to death, she was fought and has the scars to prove it, she had a wire collar embedded into her neck which also has left its mark, her pelvis was fractured in 3 places, her knee is shattered, and she almost starved to death. Now enters Donna who has surely earned her place in doggie heaven and has enough good Karma to last several lifetimes!

About Donna: Donna is a lot like the dogs she rescues – her heart is huge, her courage is great and she doesn’t take no for an answer. I’ve only known her for a few weeks but have heard the awe in the voices of others in the Pit Rescue community and now that I’ve come to know her a little bit I understand completely. This Blog and Snow only exist because of Donna’s efforts. I hope she will add a few words here to describe who she is and why she does what she does…we love you Donna!

With love,

Snow and Julie

I’ve pasted Donna’s Petfinder entry for Snow which prompted me to write to her to inquire about adopting her:

Hi, my name is Snowflake. My foster mom said that the name Snowflake fits me because I am so white and so unique. Snowflakes are like fingerprints, no two are alike.

I am living in a foster home in a small town north of Memphis, Tennessee. I live with several other pit bulls (all rescues like me) and I like them a lot. Some of the dogs are quiet and some are rowdy but they are all very nice to me. When mom carried me inside her house, I was very frightened of all the dogs but she assured me that they would not hurt me, and she was right. They welcomed me into the pack!!!

My nights are spent sleeping on a big, soft comfortable bed with mom and a pit bull named Merci. Merci has very short ears like I do. Merci and I have a lot in common.

I have a broken pelvis but Doc Williams said my hip will heal with time and tender loving care. Before I came to live with my foster mom and all of these dogs, I lived in hell and have the scars to prove it….. I am not sure how I came to be rescued, but I am thankful that I was…..

Snowflake is one of the most perfect dogs I have rescued since I began rescuing dogs some years ago. I would love to keep her myself but because I am a rescuer, I must let her go so I can rescue other dogs that are in similar tragic situations.


31 responses to “About Julie, Snow & Donna

  1. Mary M.Stein

    I have encouraged my daughter, Julie, to adopt a dog….Never knowing that she was going to “foster” a Pit Bull! I have not met Snow, but, know that I will love her….I have had many rescue dogs…..they are so happy that you have saved them…Gandhi said,”The greatness of a nation and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

  2. Hi Snow and Julie,

    Congratulations on adding this wonderful new member to your family! I am so excited for all of you – it takes very special people to rehabilitate a dog like Snow, whom many might have given up on. Thank goodness for people like Donna, who clearly did so much to give Snow a chance at the great life I know she will have with you, Julie.

    I look forward to meeting Snow soon! Hugs and Puppy Kisses!


  3. Julie,

    What a coincidence. This past weekend I came across a Blue Tick Hound gnawing on the carcass of a deer out at my dad’s. When he saw me driving down the driveway he jumped up and started running toward the car. He was limping badly and he was as emaciated as your poor Snow. I stopped and got out and realized his right, front paw was mangled really badly. He only had one toe left, and the foot was obviously broken. The fur was gone.

    In addition, he had what looked like toothmarks on his nose. His lower lip was shredded; his left front paw looked like it had some broken toes; large chunks were missing from both ears; the tip of his tail was gone and it was also broken a little ways up from that. And these all looked like fairly old injuries. You could also see where he’d had a collar on for a long time that had rubbed the fur off his neck.

    When we got him to the vet yesterday, the vet was fairly certain he’d gotten caught in a steel trap. I thought about you and your work with wildlife and hoped horrible things for the person who set that trap. He said raccoons often tear the ears as his had been torn.

    The vet is checking him for heartworms. If he has a very severe case, he’ll have to be euthanized as he wouldn’t survive the surgery needed to amputate his leg with the mangled paw. If not, though, he can remove the leg and “Yogi” as we’re thinking of calling him (because he got caught in a bear trap) has a new home in the country with my dad and his other eight strays.

    I posted photos of him here:


  4. By the way, Snow is a gorgeous dog, and I’m so glad she found a kind and willing heart in you. Hi to Kostas

  5. Julie, I could’ve sworn I left you a long response before this last one, telling you about the dog we found this weekend. If it didn’t go through, you can read about it here. It’s the second post down the page, called “I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog this Way.”


  6. Judy

    Hi Julie, so happy to read your blog. Snow is a big girl. She is lucky to have you. I wish her, and you, all the best. Look forward to reading more about you two. To think, it was only a year ago we were traveling together! Seems like ages. Judy

  7. Stan

    So happy for you. Snow has a look in her eyes of strength and peace.

  8. Gretchen

    Dear Snow (flake),

    I think you are now the luckiest dog in the world! After all you have been through, you are now blessed with the best owner a dog could ever hope for. I have known Julie for a long long time and am certain that your life from now on will be full of love and joy and fun and comfort. I look forward to hearing about your progress and meeting you someday. Welcome, dear one, to your new family!

    Aunt Gretchen

  9. Julie,

    I’m happy to report that the vet just called and said he was able to amputate the leg, and that they took him outside to run around. He’s doing swimmingly well. Shew! We’ll bring him home tomorrow and fatten him up…and love him up, too.

  10. Maedi

    Hi Julie:

    Love your dog Snow. So happy you two found each other – it was meant to be:) FYI. You have to read the Twilight series yet??. If not you will love these books. They are filled with romance, vampires and wolves. I promise you will get sucked right into them. xo. Maedi

  11. tpince

    A pit bull blog? How silly…HA! Another soul saved by Donna and HOGPR. Welcome to the club.


  12. Nicole

    Hi Julie! I am the foster mom of Tucker who is on Donna’s website. I met Snow right after Donna saved her and am so happy to hear about her incredible opportunity of a fun life with you. Snow has come a long way and looks beautiful. It does my heart good to see people like you out there adopting these babies and gives me hope that Tucker will have a chance with a great home someday. Best wishes to the two of you!

  13. Kostas

    It’s funny how some forms of light travel.Kostas

  14. Anna S

    Dear Julie:

    Your blog made me cry……Snow is the luckiest dog in the world! You are one of a kind and Snow has no idea how lucky she is to have you in her life!

    The thing that really amazed me was to see Snow playing so peacefully with the other dogs even if the beginning of her life was so vicious…..I know there’s a message about peace in there!

    Can’t wait to see you in Nashville someday and to meet Snow.

    Lovies to you both….Anna

  15. dawn

    hi my name is dawn….i met julie one time and felt i knew her all my life!!:):):)…i am the proud owner of xena down in the fl. keys she spoke about…..i became xenas owner when she was 4 wks old … my son brought her home and said they were starting to ruff her up at that young age!!! so he wanted to keep her……having heard everything about pits i wasnt thrilled as i was used to labs and mutts …but thought she young and sooooooooooooooooo damn cute ….its now 10 years later and she is really special …. pits are so intelligent i still teach her new things even in her ripe old age!!:):):) her loyalty is incredible…did i mention cute!!!!…i want to send out a big thanks to julie for adopting snow after all the terrible circumstances she had to live thru…….im sure her loyalty will be multiplied thru the years…not to mention your doggie karma!!!! your a special lady as i knew when we meet and i am sure snow felt it to …..love is hard to hide:):):):)….thanks for doing all you do for the animals!!!!…. and our world……..in love and peace dawn

  16. a poem for julie and snow angel written by auntie lane
    she will leave her prints across your heart
    with love and joy and big doggie kisses
    you will explore together and hide together and together will be what it’s all about
    she will leave her prints on your memory
    with her ways and her eyes and her special knowing
    you will discover together and grow together and being together is what it’s all about now and always together

  17. A wonderful ending to a sad story. How can we stop this abuse though?

  18. Rebeca

    Wow! I just read the whole story and my heart breaks! What a wonderful person you are! How lucky for Snowflake to have you. I can’t believe how far she has come in 18 months.

  19. Karen Garfield

    Mike and I and our doggies are checking in on sweet Snow and hope she comes out to visit soon ( bring your mom).

  20. Karen Garfield

    We so enjoyed having Snow out to our farm yesterday.
    Under Julie’s loving care, what a transformation Snow has made! She is so sweet and now so much less timid and afraid. She frolicked with the other dogs and was a perfect guest. Snow was also respectfully curious about the horses. Mike and I love sweet Snowie and hope that her mommie brings her out again soon.
    Love, Karen, Mike and Critters

  21. Karen Garfield

    Sweet Snowie I hope that you are recovering well from your surgery. We can’t wait until you can frolick again out here on the farm with Slap and Baylee.

  22. April Ann Akins

    WOW! This story made the hair on my arms stand up. Kudos to you Julie for the rescue & a thousand shout outs of thanks from the rescued pups around the world. I havent talked to you in quite a while now. How is Tennessee? I`m still collecting my left behind , abandoned, abused, or just stray cats. I`m up to 33 now. I`ve been able to trap and nuder or spay most of them. Some are so smart they won`t go near a cage even filled with the finest treets. And i`ve gotten very inventive building cages that don`t look like cages. But they allow me to take there kittens, tame them & find homes. Thank goodness for the Sonoma County Animal Shelter. They give me $20.00 vouchers for spay & nudering & shots. Everyone get a parting gift which includes a kitten. Dont`t tell my mom. She`ll be all over me about the cost of food. You know her!

  23. aprilcaliforniaforcats

    WOW! This story made the hair on my armes stand up. Kudos to you Julie & a thousand shout-outs of Thank yous from all the rescued pups from around the world. We havent talked in a long time. How is Tennessee? I`m still working with my “Forgotten Felines”. I`m at 33 right now. I`ve been able to capture most of then, to have them spay or neutered and shots. Some are so smart they wont enter an enclosed space, even filled with the finest of treats. I`ve gotten very imaginative building these so they don`t look like traps but they’re too clever. The good thing is they trust me enought to let me play with their babys so they wont go wild untill they’re ready to be given away. And each baby comes with a parting gift, a $20.00 voucher for shots etc. Thank goodness for the “Sonoma County Animal Control” for these. Oh! and I still have my 5 oldtimers from “Moss Landing.” My 3-legged guy, Kick Stand, Sam to Man, The Big Easy, Pumkins; Jet. Hi! to Jake Mary & Joe. Thumbs up Julie. OH! Don`t tell my mom about all the cats, she will have a fit. You know her!

  24. Only One word to describe such a great post “WOW” that was a very interesting read

  25. Sr Connie

    I am so happy for all that is done for the dogs and love your dear one you are so kind I too love dogs and all God has given to us thanks for the info and your kindness sr connie

  26. jennifer stuart

    A beautiful “SNOWFLAKE” that will not melt, just only your heart!!!

  27. kim

    Julie & Snowflake,
    Love the name! She is very beautiful.
    I have fostered two pit boys that Donna was able to place in perfect homes for me. Donna is a miracle worker so she is one of our angels on earth. One of the pits was starved to the point of not being able to stand when we got him and spent 3 days on IV at the vet before he felt well enough to eat. The other was simply thrown outside to fend for himself in Jan. in single digit weather (when he had been a house dog) because his owners moved and left him behind.

    So many people play a part in animal rescue!
    Some are real stand out stars like Donna with Hearts of Gold.

    But there are lots and lots of people behind her and every other rescue group who do their small but important part and we need more people.

    For every rescued dog there was::
    Someone who did NOT “look the other way”.
    Someone who paid it’s vet bill.
    Someone who fostered and nursed and nurtured it.
    Someone who took good pictures.
    Someone who spent hours updating a website.
    Someone who spent days organizing a fundraiser.
    Someone who donated money or items.
    Someone who talked to, e-mailed, checked references, and worried that they would chose the right home for that dog.
    Usually someone who drove the dog to a new destination maybe more than once.
    And finally the adoptor and a forever home!
    I have at some point done each of these jobs.(Except the website update thing) All are rewarding. No one can do it all well alone. Mostly my niche is to keep dogs until a suitable foster home or adoptor can be found. I usually care for more than a dozen at a time because I have the facility to do that. However, foster homes are best, especially for the pits. They are intelligent, sweet and forgiving dogs.

    I encourage everyone to get involved and find one of these steps that you can fulfill!

    And to encourage spaying and neutering until we no longer have animals thrown away.

    Get involved!

    HooRay for Snow!

    Thanks to all who helped her along her way!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to Julie!

    I would love to meet you both!
    Kim Bradley K9equine@aol.com
    Lebanon, TN

  28. I have taken in two rescue dogs that were forsaken by their preceding owners. They are the most adorable animals I have ever known. It is atrocious how some people treat animals like belongings or worse. My hope is that more people will get enlightened about this topic.

  29. Just letting you know your site wont let me comment on any of the past articles

  30. dianne

    How is Snow?? I’m sorry I’m so out of the loop but just saw she has heartworm??!

    How did her treatments go? How is she?

    All the best – many pittie kisses to you…

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